These are 7 mistakes that are making your outfit look cheap.

These are 7 mistakes that are making your outfit look cheap.

Our personal style is a reflection of who we are and how we want the world to see us. Whether or not we can afford expensive clothing, we can still pull together impressive outfits that reflect our true style. None of these mistakes are about the cost of your clothing, but more about how your outfit looks on you. There are some easy low-cost fixes to bring your outfit to its full potential.


These are the mistakes that you making and how to fix them:

1. Lint & Animal Hair

Simple mistakes, big impact. It doesn't matter how expensive your Gucci dress is... if there is cat hair on it, then you're not doing it justice. 

Fix: Invest in a portable lint roller, like this one here. (If you can afford nice clothes, then you can afford a lint roller.) Trade secret- keep it in your car.  


2. Wrong Fit

I would chalk this up to the biggest fashion mistake out there... In my personal journey, I have gained and lost weight more than once. (I mean, you know, I had a BABY.) As frustrating as it was, I always looked better (and felt better) when I finally just bought clothes that fit my current size. Wearing clothes that are the wrong size, whether too big or too small, makes you look heavier. Either you're bulging in the wrong places or the extra fabric on your clothes is bulking up your frame.

Fix: If you're planning to lose weight, or gain it (for all you baby makers out there), at least buy a few staple pieces that fit you NOW. This will give you more confidence on your journey.


3. Nails

They don't need to be professionally done, but old partially-still-there nail polish makes any outfit look cheap. If you don't have time to get your nails done or do your own nails on the reg, then I would look into a more natural look. Personally, I keep my finger nails short and unpolished, which always looks clean. 

Fix: Take off polish and trim your finger nails when you're in a time pinch. You can also wear closed toe shoes if you don't have time to tend the bottom ten. 



4. Hair & Make Up

Again, nothing fancy- but you can't show up well dressed with your hair sopping wet and yesterday's make up. You are better off using dry shampoo and a top knot than wet hair. 

Fix: Keep a small emergency make up kit in your purse with just mascara and a blush/ lip crayon, which will freshen up your look on the go. Keep a little bottle of dry shampoo in there while you're at it. 

5. Beading & Stains

I feel like this one is the most obvious. Though I know it's hard to throw out that favorite dress that looks so good on you just because of armpit stains, it's had its time. If an item is completely beaded, it needs to be ditched. And if you can't get a stain out of something, then definitely ditch it. 

Fix: If your item is worth saving, then invest in a clothing shaver, like this on here. If you want to be proactive then buy two of something you truly love. 


6. Appropriate for the Occasion

While it is a common saying that you can never be overdressed, I have unfortunately experienced this many times here in Denver. Coming from Palm Beach, I wore wedges and a dress to brunch, let alone an evening outfit! Denver has a more lax vibe, where most people enjoy wearing jeans to work and gym clothes to the bar. I have discovered my own personal inbetween, but I'm still old school when it comes to dressing up for certain events. I think the amount of effort you put into your outfit shows how much you care about being somewhere. A great example of this is a job interview. I once was in a group interview for a teaching position and noticed the woman on my right was in a pants suit, which can be overdressed for this profession, and the woman to my left (who showed up 15 minutes late) was wearing short jeans shorts and a tank top, which is obviously underdressed. Moral of the story- research your event before deciding what to wear because, when you are inappropriately dressed for an occasion, you become noticeable in a bad way. And for the record, you can still appropriately dress for a fancier event even if you're personal style is more casual. 

Fix: If you are a more casual person, then try to go for a dress like this one here. That way you don't feel out of place, but you are still in sync with the event attire. Also, this dress is like wearing pajamas in public.


7. Wrong Accessories 

Though the last on the list, this mistake is still very commonly made. Coco Chanel said, "Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Accesorries are a great opportunity to show your personal style and create new looks with your clothing, so try to coordinate appropriately.

Fix: If you are planning to wear a statement necklace, then try to keep your clothing more simple. If you are wearing a more intricate outfit, then don't take away from it with unnecessary pieces. 


What do you do to make your outfit look nicer? Leave a comment for us!  

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