How to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like working out.

How to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like working out.

We have all experienced at one time or another a little something I like to call the workout funk. This can be easily recognized by some of the following symptoms: workout dread, a couch (or bed) that has absorbed your entire being, hitting a plateau in your fitness goals, injuries that effect your normal routine, and other obstacles that just seem way more appealing. I find my motivation to get back in my workout routine in many ways and I have shared those below.  


Get out of bed

The first thing I do on the mornings of days I work out is I pop right out of bed. To ensure I don't cuddle back under my comforter I make my bed and open my blinds to let the sunshine in. If I have time I try to have a full glass of water with lemon before I devour my morning coffee (or pre-workout). This gets things moving and boosts metabolism all while getting you hydrated. Next it is time for a healthy breakfast or quick snack, you need the energy, trust me! So many times I think I can kill it through fasted cardio but just by popping an energy bite I have noticed a significant difference in my performance.  

Pump up the jams

One of the biggest things that sets a workout back for me (when i am rocking solo) is my music selection. Nothing is worse then just hitting your stride and your pandora falls flat with a slow song. I personally use spotify for most of my playlists. I follow people with similar music taste as me then as I like a song I keep them organized in my own playlists. I start off with a warm up song and get it hyped up from there. One of my tricks is putting the bangers (awesome song that you are really feeling) randomly throughout your playlist to keep you going those extra miles or killing those last reps.

My go to pump up song right now “Don’t kill my vibe- Gryffin Remix

For all my readers out there try an electronic version so it’s easier to kick up the pace! I always like to find a good suspense novel so that when shit gets real I am pedaling or running at the same pace as the tone of the scene.

Switch up your Routine

Think about traveling to a different state or trying a new restaurant, it’s exciting and who doesn’t love trying new things!? So it is no wonder doing the same tedious workout everyday can leave you bored and searching for something different. The solution here is switch things up! Discover a new running trail, sign up for yoga in the park, follow online bloggers and youtube channels to discover new routines, and/or take advantage of free trial memberships at different studios in your city. Using Facebook events has helped me to discover so many workout activities (a lot are free!) that I would have had no idea about. Start searching and see what you can find in your community.


Having your gym bag fully packed with all your essentials is a great way to prepare for success. Nothing is worse then snoozing through your alarm (for the third time this week) and realizing you have nothing packed and ready to go. No matter what time of the day you do your workout it is harder to find an excuse when you are prepared.  

Workout buddy

If you had someone else counting on you to show up and help them through their workout you wouldn't miss it right? Have a friend  join you on your favorite running trail or attend an early morning body pump class with you. The reason this works is accountability. Plus it can also add a fun factor you might not have had before. I take working out seriously but laughing works those ab muscles, am I right!? Try to connect with someone that has the same fitness goals as you and make sure they are aware of your goals. Even if you don’t get to meet up with them often atleast they can help you stay focused.


Follow relevant blogs, social media sites (youtube, fb), and Pinterest for tips and advive. Maybe subscribe to a newsletters that sends motivation and connects you to the community. If I am having a tough week I set my lock screen on my phone with something that helps to remind me to stay focused. Hanging motivational art in your room, office, etc. to have a constant reminder. Last and most importantly practice positive self talk because your body is capable of so much more than you think!


Even starting with one of my tips might be enough to get you out the door. Ultimately the decision is yours and if you can keep that focus and drive you would be surprised just how much you can accomplish. Mind over matter is something I swear by. It might sound cheesy but it is one of the major reasons my friends look up to me from a fitness standpoint. I don’t always believe my positive self talk but if it gets me closer to my goals I am gonna fake it till I make it!




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