My current morning routine.

My current morning routine.

There is plenty of research out there to support that a healthy morning routine can make or break your day. These routines include different ways of getting nourished physically and mentally before you jump into your busy schedule, and it's no surprise that many celebrities and prominent business figures alike have started to hop on the trend.

With that said, I have a morning routine that I consider to be sacred as well. Though your schedule my look different than mine, since my typical work day starts at 1pm, these are the things I swear by to help me get going on the right foot. 


Wake up when the alarm goes off

My family all wakes up around the same time, and it's important to make sure I'm awake to spend time with them before my husband leaves for work at 7:30am. This is early, yes, but this is the only time we have together as a family Monday through Thursday. This time with them is irreplaceable. 

What you can do: Regardless of whether you want to spend time with your family or spend time alone, waking up with your alarm is important; you don't want to rush in the morning. 

Eat my breakfast and my tea with lemon

I leave for the gym with my almost-two-year-old, Leighton, around 7:45 every weekday morning. After getting her changed, dressed, and fed, this doesn't leave me much time to feed myself. Since my gym is 15-20 minutes away, I like to eat my breakfast and drink my tea on the way to the gym. I know most research says to eat "in a relaxed state", but I don't find this rushed in any way. If anything, it allows me to eat without my toddler trying to steal my food! 

What you can do: Sit down and eat your breakfast in a peaceful state, unless you have a long commute that you consider relaxing. I am a huge proponent of multi-tasking, so I think eating on-the-go is fine as long as your not stressed while doing so. 


Gym time is my "me" time. Funny enough, starting work later in the day can make me anxious in the morning because I keep thinking about everything that I have to accomplish later. However, I do my best to keep my work time and my personal time separate because I know that's healthy. My body pump or spin class helps get out some of that pent-up productive energy and relieves my anxiety. 

What you can do: The time of day that you exercise is a personal choice, but I believe that some level of physical activity in the morning is helpful. If you can't fit in a full workout, try doing a 10 minute yoga sequence to wake your body up for the day ahead. 

Read my devotional

After I work out, my gym has hydromassage chairs that I like to indulge in before grabbing my daughter from childcare. During this 10 minutes, I have made a commitment to read through my devotional and pray, which has changed all of my days for the better. It gives me perspective on my life and helps me to live more gratefully. 

What you can do: If you are not a person of faith, then I would consider practicing mindfulness techniques each morning to refocus you priorities. An app I like to use for my devotional is Jesus Calling, and an app I like to use for mindfulness is HeadSpace. 

Coffee time

This is my favorite time of morning! I try not to have my coffee before working out because it makes me feel dehydrated. I like to think of coffee as a treat after my workout. One of my favorite coffee shops, Barista Coffeehouse, is across the street from my gym, and I love to go there with my daughter after a hard workout. However, when I'm trying to be money savvy, I will make myself a put of Corvus coffee when I get home. I think waiting to have coffee after my workout gives me energy at the right time. 

What you can do: Have your coffee whenever you prefer, but be careful about how much caffeine you need to function. Black coffee is proven to have health benefits, but too much of it will have adverse effects. 


What do you do in the morning that makes the most difference in your day? Share with us!

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