"Forever Fix" - Stop Getting Sick

"Forever Fix" - Stop Getting Sick

Listen, I get it. Everyone has some special home-made remedy that will help cure your cold, flu, allergy to aunt Beth...anything.


I am a skeptic by nature, but also very open-minded; so when I hear of an amazing new “whatever”, I like to put it to the test.

A great idea that could change the world? Lets try and see if it works. An amazing new contraption that will make your morning routine 5 times quicker? I will give you an honest opinion.

Overall I don’t like wasting my time, but I’m willing to give something a fair shot if it’s claims are something that interest me. 

I won’t blab on regarding how I came to the formula for my “Forever Fix”, but it’s basically a combination of two products that were recommended to me from friends in the medical world who also appreciated holistic products.

These two products together are an absolute life changer. I know they’re pricey but you need both. Why?

We all have those moments of dread when life happens something like this:

Me: Today is a great day.

Me: Does my throat kind of hurt? 

Me: I think my body hurts…

Me: OMG. I’m sick. I’m going to die.


I was always metaphorically dying via repertory ailments, at least once a year. One of my favorite (not favorite) moments was being verbally chastised by a nurse for flying while sick with Pneumonia so I could see Grace in Colorado. I didn’t know it was pneumonia at first, but after a few days of coughing razor blades I drove myself through the Colorado snow to an urgent care where I got yelled at for being an irresponsible adult. It was great.

If I had only known of this concoction back then!

Now whenever I feel the doom of sick lurking I immediately grab for these two products.

I then follow a schedule of something like this. Also I’m not a doctor so read the directions on the box, don’t be an idiot, and don’t take my word for it… but it works (lol).

Sufficient C: Level scoop 4-5 times throughout the day or until your stomach says no. Yes it will tell you.

This is an extremely high dose vitamin C. It is way more effective than anything I’ve ever tried … and I’ve tried anything. It’s also good for just building a decent human immune system and avoiding things that suck like UTI’s etc.

Argentyn Colloidal Silver: 1-2 Tbsp.’s, 4-5 times throughout the day.

I only take this amount when I’m feeling sick, for anything else I just stick with a tablespoon once a day. You need to hold it in your mouth for about 30 seconds so it absorbs properly, so I kind of just swish it around and gargle with it, especially if my throat feels sore.  

This is my favorite colloidal silver, I feel like it packs the strongest punch. If you are new to the world of silver there is plenty of research on it and how it works. No, you won’t turn blue.

So that is my routine and my “Forever Fix”! I can say with total confidence my 5 year streak of yearly bronchitis was ended after finding these products, and no more pneumonia! I also don’t get the flu, and if I start to get a cold and hop on this mix right away, it’s gone within a day or so. I just keep these supplements going each day until I start to feel the turn of …. Ahh I’m feeling better.

Best of luck winter babes, I hope these suggestions help. Nobody likes to be sick.

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