Boujee Vegan Skincare

Boujee Vegan Skincare

I’m all about affordable products. They are my go-to in almost situations. However, there are the rare times when you find a less affordable product, that gives you those - you know it was expensive - results.

I tried out some Drunk Elephant products for the first time last month, and after praying I would hate them, I’ve obviously turned into … a total fan girl.


So, that being said. Let’s get into the items I think are the most impressive from Drunk Elephant… and of course… why.

The Virgin Marula Oil

Yes, it’s insane.

The rumors you heard about this product… they’re all true. I use this as the last step in my skincare routine before bed and in the morning I emerge like some rested goddess without a puffy face. Still unsure if magic is involved… ok if it is.

The Glycolic Acid

Baby soft skin.

You know when you get a breakout and start picking at your skin and before long you have a real mess on your hands? Yep. Me too. This product somehow resurfaces your face overnight so your friends can see less of your OCD mistakes in the morning. Also great for people who have dry skin in dry climates.


Daily moisture that rocks.

If you are looking for a daily light weight moisturizer that makes your skin look like it’s been sleeping… while you’ve been awake. Look no further. On my days off I’ll just wear this alone all day without makeup, and during the week under my makeup. You look SO FRESH. Like… so fresh.

Girl… check you out.

Let me know if you’ve ended up enjoying these products like I have! I’ve linked to the authorized online of Drunk Elephant, other products found online could unfortunately be dupes.

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