INTJ Holiday Gift Guide

INTJ Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect thing to give the INTJ in your life? I’ve got you covered! 

However, it won’t be as easy as an amazon click or a stop at the mall. (Sorry, trust me I’m obsessed with amazon too.)  

Since Se (extroverted sensing) is the last function for the INTJ (or INFJ) nothing on this list is a physical “sensory” item. Hang in there, putting these suggestions into practice will be the gift that truly gives all year to your INTJ.

1. The gift of clear communication. 

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to INTJ’s and being “cold” or “sterile”. We are actually loving and extremely caring people, but we take communication very seriously because of our extroverted thinking (Te). That means instead of shooting the breeze, our initiative is to figure out what needs to be understood from both parties, and then run with it. I like to associate INTJ’s to basically an alien race that is trying to “human" well. 

Be clear with us. Do you understand what we are trying to say? A simple yes or no is wonderful. 

Does that make sense to you? If it doesn’t, explain to us why. 

Are you experiencing an emotion? We aren’t total robots, but we may need help understanding where the emotion you are experiencing is coming from. Don’t leave us guessing, because we really want to help the best way that we can. 

2. The gift of time. 

Want to know the nicest thing anyone can ever say to me? Three words. 

“Take your time.”

As an INTJ we are constantly shuffling the time blocks of our week within our heads to make the flow of all the things line up in the way that maximizes our output and efficiency. It is our default state, we will forever just do it. 

We will show up on time, we will be prepared, and we will always be anticipating the next thing that we have to be “ready” for.  

However that doesn’t mean that a welcomed break in our constant state of efficiency isn’t welcomed…It is so greatly welcomed. 

Do you have plans with us after a busy work week? Is there no general time constrain that needs to be met for the sake of the plan? Give us permission to relax and take our time in getting there. 

The times where I get an unexpected 10 min break to just sit and be, and know I won’t be throwing off the next sequence of events by doing so, is THE MOST amazing 10 minutes I could ever receive. It is a serious gift. Thank you in advance. 

3. Responsible planning.

Ok this one requires some actual effort but trust me, the payoff is huge. 

As an INTJ I am a planner, not always a scheduler… but a planner. The major things that need to be accomplished within the days, within the project, within the trip, I got them all planned out. 

Once again, this is our default state, but think of it this way. 

Planning is more or less our job and we love it, but even when you love your job, everyone still loves a day off. 

Plan something for us to do together, but plan it well and responsibly, and please don’t make it a surprise. 

Want to take us somewhere? Here is a great tip on how to Ni plan:

Close your eyes and visualize yourself going to the place you want to take us. Now walk through every literal step in the process of how things would go in an ideal world.

How are we going to get there? Where are we going to park the car? Does a ticket or reservation need to be made in advance when we walk into the building? If so how will you show that reservation was made? Are we staying somewhere over night? Have you booked the Air B&B in close proximity to the place we are going? Etc. Etc. Etc.

Walk through every step of the journey and write down notes for yourself along the way, all the way up to the time we leave. Then go and follow up on those items.

Sound like a lot? Um yep…

However executing a truly well though out plan and giving your INTJ the ease of knowing you already took care of all the steps before you go, is SUCH a nice treat. 

Like seriously, so nice… and now we love you forever. 

JK we already did. 

4. Figure it out…yourself. 

INTJ’s have this 6th sense when it comes to figuring things out. We just kind of do it. It may take us some work to execute it properly in the sensory world, but the figuring out part… we get that pretty quick. 

But because of this we often get unsolicited project dumps on our doorstep. They usually sound like “Hey I got this really great idea… I know you can do it… so here you go! *dump”. 

Because we want it to (Te) work for you, usually we will try to help out in some way. It is a laborious drain on our time and energy, and honestly is just inconsiderate to anyone (INTJ or not).  

However do you know what we love? When you have a great idea and we get to share in your victory as you figure it out, and do it… YO SELF. 

We love to celebrate your wins with you.

5. A little help in the sensory.

Just because we have sensory last doesn’t mean we can’t sensory. 

It’s just a drag and we don’t wanaaaaaa.

As with all of the planning in our lives, we will certainly get the thing done that needs to get done. But… I mean if you’re offering…

For the busy INTJ in your life, offer to help out with some sensory stuff. Offer to get their oil changed, do the dishes, or make them a meal. But I mean shoot… do that for anyone and they’ll be grateful.

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