The slight tweaks I'm making instead of big resolutions.

The slight tweaks I'm making instead of big resolutions.


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If you’ve been following our posts for a while, you know that my co-editor, Lindsay, and I are not huge fans of New Years resolutions. We know the routine… set a lofty New Year’s goal, stick to it for a couple of months, fail miserably. (At least that’s been my experience with most goals.)

As an all-or-nothing thinker, I have always liked to make big changes and FAST. I have done quite a few Whole 30’s, workout routines that promise results in 3 months, completely cut out entire food groups for short periods of time, and even researched quick fixes, such as cryotherapy and lipo-injections. I have always had a hard time being consistent in pursuit of the long game, being a healthier and more content person. All of these attempts have taught me the same thing- the go big or go home concept doesn’t work.

Although my psychologist husband has been telling me this for years, my mindset coach recently framed it in a way that made sense. My husband definitely had a “THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!” moment with me - poor guy. It’s funny how sometimes we need someone we view as having an objective stance to tell us the truth in a way that we’ll actually listen. (Why is this? Lol.) I am very grateful that I’ve finally seen the light on how to apply the concept of change in my life.

This is how it was reframed for me: make tiny changes that seem so ridiculously easy that you don’t feel like you’re trying.

And trust the process… it’s about lasting change, not immediate results. Personally, the idea of trusting the process was hard for me until I started working with my coach. I haven’t seen a lot of results in my life because I’ve always given up early, so I have a hard time believing that it’s going to work. I trust my coach though, and that makes the difference in my progress.

So, I am not making any quick-fix New Year’s resolutions, but here are a few tweaks that I’ve started to make that I am happy with:

Eating Breakfast//

I have way more energy when I eat a big, clean breakfast in the morning, and I’ve made it my goal to get breakfast in my system before I take my first sip of coffee. Since I love my coffee so much, this has been an easy tweak for me. Tip: Have food ready to make and don’t rely on getting something elsewhere.

My easy go-to breakfast when I’m in a hurry -  Perfect Bars .

My easy go-to breakfast when I’m in a hurry - Perfect Bars.

Taking Collagen//

While I have not seen immediate results of this change yet, this one is for the long game. I already look young for my age, and this is a measure I’m taking to keep that way! Also, this is really easy. I put a scoop of flavorless collagen in my morning coffee, and we know how much I drink coffee. Tip: Collagen is expensive; try to buy it when it’s on sale (or I have even found it at TJ Maxx for half the price!).

My favorite brand of collagen peptides,  Vital Proteins .

My favorite brand of collagen peptides, Vital Proteins.

Incorporating a Skincare Routine//

Now, this I only do 3-4 times a week, but I’m totally happy with that. A year ago, my idea of a skincare routine was allowing my pillow case to absorb my make-up from the day before, then washing the rest off in the morning just to reapply. (Didn’t we all do this in our 20’s? Lol.) I keep it simple… Wash and retinol cream at night. Wipe down, serum, and moisturizer in the morning. Then make-up, sometimes. Tip: the less often you wear make-up, the less often you have to wash it off. Lol.

My morning vitamin C serum,  TruSkin .

My morning vitamin C serum, TruSkin.

Here are some small tweaks I plan to make in the near future:

Meditation + Prayer Time//

I admit it- I immediately reach for my phone and check my email in the morning. It’s almost an impulse at this point. At one point in my life, I spent the first 30 minutes of my morning reading my devotional and spending time in prayer. Now, I’ve gotten into the unfortunate habit of hopping right into the most stressful part of life. So, in the name of making a tiny tweak to get started, my goal is to spend 10 minutes on Monday mornings for devotional and prayer. Once I have that mastered, then I will start adding on more days.

My favorite devotional,  Jesus Calling . I use an app for mine!

My favorite devotional, Jesus Calling. I use an app for mine!

Exercise Routine//

While I do exercise about twice per week, this routine is far from regular. My excuse is always time, but I’ve tried to switch out my phrase to “is this not a priority?” This has helped keep me focused. My tiny tweak for this is to workout on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. That’s it. All I am doing is committing to the days I exercise for now. My next steps will be to add on Saturdays once I have this mastered.

My actual favorite workout accessory, the  FlipBelt .

My actual favorite workout accessory, the FlipBelt.

Do you have resolutions? What tiny tweaks could you make instead of bug resolutions? Leave a comment below or on my IG @toodressyfordenver!

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