Don't Let Your Schedule Dictate Your Diet

Don't Let Your Schedule Dictate Your Diet

Ok, confession time...

I've been a terrible unhealthy "adult". 

So I pride myself on being a pretty healthy human. I've worked hard to fit ALL the things in my schedule. This includes workouts and nutrient dense meals. However, I haven't always been this way... and I can still sometimes fall off the healthy wagon into the deep chip abyss. 

You know how life can get.

One minute you are grabbing a green juice after hot yoga, and the next you're drowning in 200 work emails and eating stale pita chip crumbs. 

Stress has this way of completely dictating the habits that give us the ability to function. Why do you feel like such crap when you're stressed? Ok yes, you're stressed and that sucks. But have you been living on caffeine, empty carbs, and high sodium foods for like 3 days?

Ok babe, that's part of the picture.

While I never break the vegan aspect of my diet, I can sometimes justify being less health conscious in times of stress. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about moderation when it comes to a little junk here and there. However there's a huge difference between having a cookie because "treat yo self", and cookies for dinner because that was the only thing to eat at the gas station. Feel me? PS your basic Oreo is vegan, and no, I do not recommend it as a meal replacement. 

This is the truth plain and simple...

When you're stressed, your body needs more nutrients... not less.

When we are stressed our bodies use up certain nutrients and minerals much faster than in normal-paced life. Layer a crappy diet on top of your already mineral-depleted, stressed out self, and you're just asking for a sob fest outside the Home Goods at 10PM on a Wednesday. 

It doesn't need to be this way.

Traditional fast foods are full of salt and void in actual nutrients. They do nothing for you nothing. The sodium makes you look bloated while still somehow making your eyes appear like sunken holes that fall into the pit of your dehydrated being. 

So here are my two tips that I swear by for living a healthy and super fast-paced lifestyle. 

Drink more water, and drink less caffeine. 

I'm sorry, I know I'm the worst for even mentioning that, but sadly it's true. Staying hydrated is hard for me on a normal day. Stack on a heavy work load and a latte? Seriously my lips are getting chapped just thinking about it. Your body is mostly water. How dare you deprive it of the ONE THING it needs to even remotely function normally. 

Also if you think your skin is looking like crap, you're probably dehydrated. That tip is fo free.

And here's the second tip...

Eat your salad with your hands.

Yes, that is certainly what I said. Doing this, no joke, can take my week from feeling like complete garbage, to feeling pretty darn ok. 

So why eat salad with your hands? Because you sure as heck aren't driving to that meeting balancing a salad bowl on your lap.

Here's the good news, these easy steps will take you all of 5 minutes (for real) before leaving the house in the AM for work. 

Step 1: Take some sort of "wrap" item. You can use either a flour or brown rice wrap (Ezekiel makes my favorite rice wraps), or you can use Nori seaweed wrap (the best no-carb, no-starch option).

Step 2: Cover it in hummus. If you don't love hummus (how dare you) avocado can be an acceptable first layer.

Step 3: Pile on your salad! Seriously, a whole big fresh sassy salad. You may need to make several wraps to get your whole salad in, and thats ok. I usually have a big 'ole 3. I highly recommend using sprouts in your wrap. Sprouts are significantly more nutrient dense when compared to just a basic lettuce. Being basic is fine, but we're trying to go places with this wrap, you know? Don't be afraid to add some carrots or whatever other raw veggies you have hiding in the fridge.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.19.36 PM.png

Step 4: Add some sauce, and by sauce I mean dressing. Now for some people the hummus may be enough, but if you're extra like me, you need...extra. Proceed with caution when using dressings in a wrap you will travel with. A little goes a long way. You won't have a bowl to catch the excess dressing in, you will be catching it on your dress. 

Step 5: Roll it up, stick it in some container, and you're done!

Now you can eat your greens on the run without the added stress of having to stab rogue tomatoes with a plastic fork! 

Well that's it! Trust me these two things have saved me on weeks where I thought my body was going to just give up on me. As someone who eats at least one meal out of her car per day (not proud), I get it. Give yourself a freaking chance with eating some raw veggies, everyday, no matter what. 

Also, I made you a video on how to do the thing. XO Enjoy - Lindsay

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