Thoughts on the Air Fryer

Thoughts on the Air Fryer

So I feel as though I have little innate authority to speak on the topic of frying as I was born and raised in NY and the closest thing I ever had to fried food growing up was... stir fried vegetables. 

Yes, I know it's not the same thing.

But, hear me out... I really like crispy things. I like perfectly toasted, roasted, and cooked to the level of perfection. 

Recently I asked some friends on Facebook what they thought of the Air Fryer, and if I should in fact get one. One comment won me over -

"Three words: crispy fried tofu."

What can I say... I'm an example of the perfect target audience for vegan food devices. I hopped on amazon and within a few days my air fryer arrived. YAY! I was ready to go (vegan) ham on this thing. Now let me once again remind you, I've never fried anything and was not raised in fry culture. Remember my example... stir fried vegetables.  

I looked up a basic vegan fry batter recipe and of course didn't read all the directions. I gathered inspiration from the ingredients and went for it. This led me down the path of doing it all wrong, but as is my luck in the kitchen... still pulling off something totally delicious. So my avocado "tempura" actually turned into an avocado buffalo wing seitan and is totally something I'll make again. 

One of the nicest things about the air fryer is your food cooks super quick as long as you don't stuff too much in. Because things were cooking so quickly I managed to make 6 different dishes in one night. 

I made an orange glazed crispy tofu which ended up being one of my favorites, some Beyond Sausages, and even some cinnamon buns! 

After using it the first time I immediately started to get a better idea of the temperatures different items needed to cook at, and also the length of time they should be in the fryer. 

If you like experimenting with food, and don't like the carcinogens that come with foods cooked in oil at high heats, I would totally recommend getting the air fryer. You can achieve a crispy outside while maintaining a perfectly cooked inside. Since my diet tends to be on the high carb/low fat side of veganism, this is truly perfect for me. 

Just yesterday I experimented with putting a vegan grilled cheese in there. 

Lets just say it was THE best grilled cheese I've ever had... ever. 

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