Products I Order Off Amazon Because #NoTime

Products I Order Off Amazon Because #NoTime

Girl, if you are running a business, working a full time job, or are doing both... you know how crazy life can get. I'm really REALLY trying to do better about prioritizing my time and not running myself into the ground, but that is a learning process and I still eat at least one meal out of my car a day. #notproudjusthonest 

So I'm all about shopping locally when I have that option. It really is something I believe in, and on the rare occasion I have time to stroll about town investing into my community is something I truly love doing. However the reality is I leave my house at around 8AM every morning and often don't get home till 10 PM. So making it to all of the stores I need to hit to "get all of the things", sometimes isn't just possible in a week (or months) time. 

I never previously purchased things off Amazon that I could essentially drive 30 mins to find, but after starting to do so, it just allowed me this extra bit of sanity that I am so grateful for.

So these are the items I purchase and more imporantly the categories I purchase online. 


Pet Food & Treats

So we do buy dog food locally more often than not, but if it's a week I know I can't make during store hours or I know its a busy month I will order my sweet Indie's food online. He eats a raw diet, cause he's fancy, but that also means added time for defrosting food. With this Stella and Chewy's dehydrated food it comes quick in the mail and it also takes me no time in the morning or evening to fix his meals. 


Laundry and Household Items

Ok so honest moment... I hate tons of bags because I like to get everything out of the car in one trip. So even though I could technically get my detergents and cleaning items when I'm at whole foods, I prefer to save my strength for the food. Also purchasing household items online also gives you the opportunity to read the reviews on the product. I love this Whites Detergent from the Laundress, it really smells fantastic. Did I mention carrying less bags?


Specality Snacks & Treats

When you are in a rush at the grocery store, if you are anything like me you are looking to grab the essentials and get the heck out of there. But do you know what...sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to delicious things. Many of the vegan snacks I've grown to love aren't carried at most grocery stores so if I want them, or want to try a new exotic treat, I just order them online. I buy these Hippea snacks in bulk to save on the packaging and enjoy them throughly. They are currently my favorite vegan snack (white cheddar flavor)! 


Supplements & Health Items

Again, most of these I could probably find at Whole Foods, but not ALWAYS depending on the store! I don't have time to pre-research which location has what items in stock. So things like magnesium, my Suffient C, Protein Powder, etc. I buy off Amazon. It just makes my trip all the less hectic knowing I won't be searching for something I've already run out of. 


Cute Things I Want But Have No Time to Find IRL

I'm sure there are probably some cute pastel socks on some rack somewhere in Target. I believe in Target. I just really don't want dig through things trying to find them because I'm probably busy sniffing scented candles. I'll often have an idea in my head of something very particular I know that I want, usually a standard item that I could find... but just don't want to find. I have fingers, and the internet, and I will make them work for me. 

Well I hope something in this post gave you inspiration to just give yourself a break and a trip and order some stuff online if it will better suit your busy schedule and mental health. Remember running yourself on Empty does not suit you long term. I'm trying to teach myself this with daily practice.

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