My New Skin Care Routine: Masochism!

My New Skin Care Routine: Masochism!

Masochism. Noun: the enjoyment of an activity or situation that most people would find very unpleasant.

Somewhere around the age of 26 I realized I had skin that deserved to be taken care of. My journey beyond the makeup wipe has been an experimental one. I’ve realized interesting things about my skin, like it can be dry and still get breakouts, and it’s actually possible to have dry skin while living in a tropical climate. Who knew? 

So as I set forth to find my perfect skin care routine I crossed paths a spikey little monster. The Derma Roller. I heard about it from my friend Celine, who had a friend who lived in Switzerland who’s name was also Celine and she had bought one, and she had really nice skin. Obviously the Swiss know what’s up, and obviously I needed one. So the Derma Roller stayed on my mind until I finally got up the courage to purchase one myself. 

If you are familiar with micro needling (which I wasn’t) apparently it’s in the same family of skin ...philosophy. 

The tiny needles puncture your skin just enough to produce a “help I’ve fallen and can’t get up” signal to your brain, which then sends a super hot team of collagen paramedics to make your skin feel less like a little bitch. The collagen team makes your skin “feel young again” and thus perpetuates the cycle of you rubbing needles on your face.

I know it’s weird, but just weird enough for me to try. I also liked the fact that it was essentially a natural process. No injections, no creams, no serums. However if you want to be extra (and I did) you can use a serum of your choice after your derma rolling session and apparently it will infuse deeper into your dermal layers because of the hundreds of tiny potholes now on your face. 

I purchased my .25 mm dermal roller off amazon, it also came with a cruelty free serum which was nice. I didn’t use it for a week or two because something in my subconscious wanted me to believe I would roll it on my face and somehow I would wake up covered in scabs. 

When I finally tried it, it was actually… completely fine. You’re supposed to basically roll in every direction across your face, so thats what I did. You can even roll your lips and your brows; because who doesn’t want more collagen there? After I followed with the serum. No blood, and the sensation wasn’t pleasant… but it also wasn’t unpleasant. Absolutely not painful.

The next morning my face was red, but I used a green color correcting moisturizer which totally neutralized the pigment. My skin looked plump… and surprisingly not that angry. 

Apparently it takes a few weeks to start seeing the full effects, but honestly I feel as though I’m showing positive results after just a few uses. Today I looked at myself in a mirror, outdoors (you know mirrors tell the truth out there), and was slightly astounded at how young my skin looked.

I’m still experimenting with the frequency of rolling, but as of now I’m doing 5 nights per week. Apparently you can change the mm of your dermal pins as well. 

Tips from the pros (not me)

  • Rinse your roller before and after use with rubbing alcohol
  • Replace the actual roller every 10-20 uses or when it starts to get dull

I’ll have an update for you guys in the future but as of now, I am a huge fan and have no plans to stopping because I want perfect skin “forever”. Haha wish me luck!



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