30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

30 years on earth has been epic. And these are just for fun and in no particular order. 

  1. Time is all we have. It’s the greatest currency,  and wasting it is the greatest sacrifice. 

  2. Sometimes people need to find the truth through their own path. You can’t fix everyone. 

  3. If your mind isn’t open, it isn’t growing. 

  4. Put on your own oxygen mask first. Caring for yourself is necessary for basic survival. It’s also necessary when wanting to care for others. 

  5. Humans can really suck sometimes, but they can also learn, adapt, change, and progress. Don’t give up on them.

  6. Your rational thinking isn’t always beneficial during someone else’s emotional event. 

  7. Tell your family and friends that you love them. The word love isn’t exclusively romantic. 

  8. Your limitations usually exist in your head, not in reality.

  9. Learn how to make a great sauce, a great soup, and a great smoothie. 

  10. Leggings are pants. 100%. 

  11. Nobody is going to do the hard work for you…unless you pay them. 

  12. Your hopes, dreams, and goals are your responsibility to follow through on.

  13. No-one should suffer for your temporal pleasure. Especially animals. 

  14. Don’t let your conception of peoples thoughts or feelings towards you, alter your direction in life. People rarely think, and they rarely think about you.  

  15. There’s always someone better than you, but that should be a motivation. Life isn’t a competition.

  16. Nobody wins when you glorify destructive behavior.

  17. Most people think differently than you. If someone isn’t “getting it” that means you need to change up your approach, not necessarily throw in the towel.

  18. You are brilliant in something. Discover it, own it. 

  19. God gave us dogs to remind us what unconditional love looks like.

  20. Effort is a lovely thing to give someone. 

  21. If you’re not good at it yet, you haven’t practiced it hard enough. 

  22. The problems you face aren’t accidental. They are usually connected to the areas in life where you need the most growth. 

  23. You need work. We all do. 

  24. You’re never getting the hours you spent arguing on social media back. 

  25. Circus hurts! But circus is worth it. 

  26. People deserve to be paid at minimum what they think they are worth. 

  27. Laughing so hard that you cry is a wonderful experience

  28. The smallest light can illuminate the darkest room, but a dark corner in a room of light will never be noticed. Be light. 

  29. Don’t let your temporary problems distract you from your ultimate purpose.

  30. You are beautiful. 

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