5 Hummus Flavors You Need to Try

5 Hummus Flavors You Need to Try

Ok so we’ve all seen that product (no matter what it is) at the store that you think is interesting… but it’s a bit to interesting to spend your hard earned cash on. I totally get it, but I’ve also committed to purchasing one “experimental” item every time I go grocery shopping in the hopes of finding some hidden gem. 

I know I’m not the only hummus freak around. Aside from being a great vegan option, hummus just fits in my schedule.  I’ve yet to meet a woman in 2018 with a busy schedule that would consciously turn down hummus and a carrot stick. 


With that in mind I’ve sampled my  fair share of hummus flavors. I’ve found some horribly disappointing ones (namely the dessert hummus flavors). And I’ve found some true stand out flavors that have been low-key life changing. 

Here are 5 that I would encourage you to pick up next you are at the grocery store. All varieties below have been found at either Publix or Whole Foods. Also they are in no particular order, I love them all the same. 



Brand: Lantana

Flavor: Cucumber 

Simply put, this is the freshest hummus you have ever tasted. It’s so fresh you could put it on sandwich bread and serve it at a semi-fancy tea party. It tastes like everything you want to eat during the summer… and all year round. 



Brand: Lantana

Flavor: Carrot Sriracha 

For those that like enough spice to add flavor, but not enough to be actually hot. This hummus is just packed with flavor and the addition of the carrot adds a sweet element that completely balances the flavor. Would 10/10 be acceptable to bring to a sports game watching type event, though this is clearly something I never do. 



Brand: Hope

Flavor: Kale Pesto

If you’re a vegan, you’re  aware that basically any pesto has cheese in it. Boo! I wanted the pesto flavor without the cheese! Then I found this hummus…and my life became just a little more complete. Simply put, it is rich and full of pesto flavor without being full of fat and oily. How they did it, I’m unsure, but it’s always stocked in my fridge. 



Brand: Hope

Flavor: Buffalo Bleu 

Yes… it is again another flavor that “should” contain cheese… but it doesn’t! This Buffalo Bleu flavor harnesses spice (more than the carrot sriracha) and a creamy flavor that is so reminiscent of cheese. If you are a buffalo sauce fan and also love hummus, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to search every store to find this flavor. 



Brand: Cedar’s

Flavor: Balsamic Caramelized Onion 

This hummus is my all-time MVP. I have brought it to almost every party and it has adopted a cult following with every audience. At first you think… onions and balsamic vinegar? No! But then you taste it… and your mind is forever changed. This hummus flavor is almost always in my fridge, and if it’s not I’m probably on my way to the grocery store to buy more. 

Cover tote bag and other amazing hummus memorabilia available here. You are welcome in advance.

Two of my favorite things: Target and summer. 

Two of my favorite things: Target and summer. 

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