You and Your Brilliant Idea

You and Your Brilliant Idea

Sometimes when starting a business or even a project it’s easy to become over enthralled with a super-amazing idea.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that. Any great venture comes from an idea that is TRULY inspired. But let’s discuss an aspect that you may have not fully thought completely through…

Does it work for everyone who isn’t you?

Start by thinking about your target demographic. Imagine the type of people who will be impacted by your venture.


Does your idea encompass the following:

• Practicality 

• Relevance

• Longstanding Design

Practicality: Does your idea apply to your target demographic and the daily lives they live. Think about their lifestyle, the reasons of why they may get busy, the times when they make time to chill, think about all of it. How will your idea fit within their lifestyle?

Relevance: Is your idea relevant to the time period in which it is intended to be released? I know this sounds a little crazy, but sometimes ideas take awhile to develop or on the inverse they can be ready overnight. Think about how fast technology and trends change. When your idea is targeted to become a thing, will it be completely relevant (even if it takes people a little while to get on board)?

Longstanding Design: The counter to my last point. Unless your idea is purposefully a short-term item, how will it stand the test of time? Does it have the ability to transcend trends? Have you put enough value into its curation and longstanding design that it holds is weight for years to come?

If any of these questions have you questioning your next big thing, don’t throw it out the window. Take the time and gather some research from your target audience. Ask your friends and family and get their perspective. I’m not saying give all your secrets away but girl, you’re smart. Wordsmith your way to asking them about the thing, without telling them every detail about it.

You may surprised to find the ways in which your idea can be refined, allowing it to be better than you ever originally dreamed.

The solution to managing someone else’s clutter.

The solution to managing someone else’s clutter.

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