Girl Boss Goal Setting: 4 Practical Tips

Girl Boss Goal Setting: 4 Practical Tips

You probably know that simply “setting a goal” isn’t the complete picture when wanting to arrive on the doorstep of success. No surprise, there are many other things that go into achieving a goal once you make it, and sometimes outlining some of those things in advance can make your obstacles feel slightly less daunting.

One thing is for sure, your goals won’t miraculously come to fruition while you sip lattes and browse pinterest... so lets get to it shall we?

Step 1. Define your destination. AKA “Your Vision”

That really amazing thing you want to do or achieve? Clearly define exactly what it is. You may think that sounds too obvious, but often people have an “idea” of what they want to do, but haven’t defined it clearly enough to actually get started. Write out your goal, your vision … the thing you want to make happen.

Look, now you’re one step closer on your map to reaching that destination! (Because now you know where the heck it is.)

Step 2. Outline the major concepts within that vision.

Great so you know the thing that you want to do. We are going to take that big picture down to the pixels, but first we need to define the shapes.

What are the major concepts that will make your vision complete in your eyes?

Maybe your goal is to open a book & wine bar. Trendy right? What key components do you want to incorporate to make that vision whole? Maybe that looks something like inviting local authors to speak and showcase their material at a “Wine & Book Pairing” to provide a unique guest experience. Maybe it’s partnering with local builders to provide the furniture for your storefront that guests could then decide to purchase. This could allow you to save some $ on a furniture bill while also supporting the community. Win win right? Gather the ideas that will make your vision "whole" in your eyes. Get the ideas flowing and don’t settle for something uninspired.

Step 3: Do some research.

Listen, I understand that you have the best idea. But there are probably some people out there who are doing a pretty good job … at something very similar.

I was always kind of stubborn about doing things “my way” but then I realized that sometimes my way, though rational to me, was actually totally irrational according to the ways that the world actually worked.  Woops.

Oh people don’t actually care about ____ like I do? People really aren’t interested in purchasing _______ kinds of items? News to me! This doesn’t mean changing your vision, though sometimes it could. It does mean walking towards your goal with a clear understanding of what you are about to get yourself into. Be knowledgeable of what can be positioned towards your success instead of your deficit. Learn from those who have gone before you. Research the items in the area you are pursuing. Do your best to gather all of the information (within reason) before you get started. 

Step 4: Organize your details.

My least favorite part! The facts and numbers, and how all that stuff comes into play. I hate to bring the bad news to my fellow creatives, but organizing numbers and data is a large part of what makes a practical goal successful. Know how much things cost, what your budget is, list out your resources, set practical timelines for specific items. You get where I’m going with this. Calculate how you are going to make all of the things within your vision ACTUALLY work.

Ok, are you ready to get started?

The good news is our world has more than enough room for everyone’s great ideas… especially when they’re birthed from a clearly defined vision, with fun and unique concepts, that have been well researched, and have the details and facts in order.  

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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