The Reality of Your Storm

The Reality of Your Storm

A few days ago I laced up my shoes for an afternoon run. September in Florida means the highest level of humidity and of course, heat. 

Lets just call it, sauna September. You are perpetually living in a hot yoga class. Did I even sign up for this?

As I exited my condo and walked out onto the main road, I looked north and south. To try right there was a quickly approaching storm. The sky was black, lightning was striking in the distance from cloud to ground, and the winds were starting to increase. To my left, it was sunny, beautiful, and literally looked like the perfect day.

But it wasn’t the perfect day. There was a storm coming…and I was going to get my run in damnit.

I chose to run towards the storm. 

I’m pretty good at judging time, and I knew that when keeping a steady pace, I could run the maximum distance towards the storm, and still have enough time to get back. 

The weather that I faced was in front of me, directly in my line of sight.

As I ran north, the storm also ran towards me, decreasing the time in which we would meet. But I watched it diligently. I was smarter than the storm, because I was aware of it’s behavior.

…That didn’t make it less scary. 

As I ran, I saw the lighting strikes get progressively closer. The winds were doing that weird thing where they pick up leaves and move them vertically upward. I still had some time, so I continued to run.  

Just as I was reaching my 2 mile marker, the dark sky was stretching its steady fingers over my head. At the flagpole, I needed to turn around. I quickened my step to meet my goal just before a large rumble penetrated through my headphones and gave me the official about-face signal. 

And it was time to head back.

As I turned around, the southern sky was just like it was before. Clear, beautiful, and astonishingly peaceful considering the turbulence that was now behind me. 

It made me wonder, what if I hadn’t looked north, and started my run enticed only by the tranquility of the south?

I feel like the trendy blogger-esq thing to say would be something like…

“Always run into the sunlight, no matter what storms are on the horizon. You light your own path.”

Ahem. No. Running away from turbulence often times means you’re running away from reality.

In reality, I was wearing a broken pair of Beats headphones that would quit for good if they got wet. 

I was carrying my phone that I think is waterproof … but I’m not really sure. I also didn’t really want try my luck with lightning in Americas #1 death by lightning state. You’re more than twice as likely to get struck by lightning in Florida compared to any place else. Exciting right?

Let me be clear about something. This DOES NOT mean let yourself be controlled by fear.  It’s actually the total opposite. When you intentionally face the realities in life that scare you, your ability to judge their affect on you increases. 

I am better suited to control the storms impact on me simply by being aware of it. 

Running towards the storm is actually… quite freeing.

So my challenge to you this week is to find the storms in your life and not walk… but run towards them. Take this concept and apply it to all of the circumstances in your life that may feel uncomfortable, inconvenient, or scary. 

The result? 

The ability to be free in reality and not just free temporarily in the constructs of your own mind. 

Boujee Vegan Skincare

Boujee Vegan Skincare

The fashion rule I never follow: no white after Labor Day.

The fashion rule I never follow: no white after Labor Day.