Sit On Something Smarter

Sit On Something Smarter

About 5 years ago I started a career where sitting at my computer was my full time job.

Hours would fly by as I would code on websites, design graphics, and let my creative flow take hold. 

To my deficit, I would sometime let hours go by without getting up from my desk. I remember one time sitting down at my desk at 8:40 am, having hours fly by, then suddenly looking at the top right corner of my Mac only to see the time 4:48. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day, I hadn’t drank water, hadn’t gotten up to use the rest room, I only sat… and sat… and sat. That was the day I vowed to start making some healthier changes in my work habits, and one of those happened to be my chair.

I was given a nice high end office chair by my employer, and I was so grateful. However at the end of the day I was literally limping to my car. One day I went to step out of my car after driving home from work and my lower back pain was so intense that I literally couldn’t stand up.

I knew it was how I was sitting at my desk. I just… knew. 

I had never experienced back problems previously, and as I sat I could feel my pelvis tilting and my lower spine curving. I knew it wasn’t right. But, the problem with my chair was - there were arm rests on the side, and a raised lip on the right and left that prevented my from sitting with my knees farther apart.

So I asked to get a ball chair. That’s a good back posture office thing right?

At first I was given an exercise ball, which was great!! 

…until it popped. 

Word to the wise- the ball chair’s they now sell have a stand. Get that one, because if there is a sharp rock (or anything) under your ball as you sit on it at your desk, you will hear a loud explosion and find yourself on the floor. 

I then got a proper ball chair, with stand and my pain started quickly dissipating. 

I can’t stress to anyone enough how important a backless chair is to someone who spends many hours at a desk. This was the process I went through when first when adopting my new best friend. 

Week One: It sucks. Stick it out. You are strengthening the muscles in your core that are helping to stabilize your back longterm. If you are finding you are getting too tired through out the day, have a backup chair nearby to switch to. 

Week Two: It still sucks, maybe even a little bit more. You are still building those muscles, and now they are a little sore. Continue to stick it out. Continue to use your backup chair. 

Week Three: Yep … I know, it’s still not great yet. Hopefully you are feeling a little bit less sore.

Week Four: Now you should be starting to feel the pain in your lower back significantly reduce, it won’t feel as though you’re riding on a cloud yet, but you’re getting there.

Week 5 and beyond: The major soreness should be over and you should be feeling a significant change in your lower back pain. Everyone is different, so it may take you a little longer to hit this point. Keep with it, I promise you it’s worth it.

I hope you find your ball chair as life changing as I found mine. They are easily available on amazon, this is the one I currently have. 

Happy creating computer geniuses. 

The fashion rule I never follow: no white after Labor Day.

The fashion rule I never follow: no white after Labor Day.

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The ENFJ's dark playground: overthinking.