Here are my 5 favorite heart-warming TV shows for empaths.

Here are my 5 favorite heart-warming TV shows for empaths.

As an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP) or having a dominant Fe or Fi function in the MBTI world, you tend to feel things deeply. You love really hard and you get hurt really bad… and you get really attached to characters on TV shows. This has meant no Game of Thrones for me and many other shows that should just be named “Everybody Dies in the End”.

I just watched Bird Box this weekend, and I had to read the synopsis online beforehand to emotionally prepare myself for who was going to die. I still didn’t sleep for two days. Sometimes, this makes me so crazy! My work around has just been to find light-hearted shows to balance out the heavy ones. I don’t know why I was born this way, but, in the end, it’s not worth watching shows or movies that will ruin my day.

So here are my 5 favorite TV shows for sensitive people:

1// New Girl


For those of you that know me, I’m sorry for how predictable this choice is. Lol. I absolutely love this show, and I’ve watched all the seasons at least 5 times over. Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses, and Nick Miller will be my forever TV crush.

2// The Good Place


My husband and I just started watching this last month, and I have been in no shortage of laughter. I did not see the big twist in this show at all (trying not to spoil anything), and I’m excited for the creativity in more seasons to come.

3// Jane the Virgin


This show is a wonderful combination of humor, drama, and romance. The writers take you on a journey where you can fall completely in love then absolutely loathe the same character within one season. I am always delightfully surprised by the plot development in this show.

4// Young & Hungry


This love story in this show is consistently frustrating, but always funny. That way Gabby always follows her heart is so refreshing and relatable.

5// Parks and Rec


This is one is a classic. I love anything that Amy Poehler does! All of the characters in this show are individually funny, and I love how you can watch an episodes anywhere in any season and still ctach on to the plot enough to laugh.

What shows do you love? Are you a weirdo like me who can’t watch emotionally intense shows? Comment below!

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