My 10 favorite fashion influencers of 2018.

My 10 favorite fashion influencers of 2018.


Outfit Details// H&M Red Dress (similar one here)// Who What Wear Pink Sweater (similar one here)// A New Day Geometric Purse (similar one here)// Target Sunglasses// December Thieves Collar Necklace (couldn’t find anything similar)

Real talk: today is off to a bit of a rough start with my three-year-old daughter sick and coughing on the couch. Flu season is real here, and I’ve been obsessively washing my hands. We have no food in the house, so I made frozen shrimp for breakfast. Lol. It’s just too hard to take a sick kid to the store. Also, I’m pretty attached to my sweatpants in this cold weather. 

Moving on… This year I really dove into fashion influencing and blogging head first. I will write a little more about our story next week, as we hope to do a big relaunch at the end of this month with a new editor on our team. (Mark your calendars!) This past November, I started a separate style account on instagram as a creative outlet specifically for fashion because I didn’t want to take the main focus of a balanced lifestyle away from I Think, I Feel. I am still working to find a balance with this account as I want it to be something fun and inspirational, not another task on my list. 

With that said, I want to take a moment to admire some of my favorite instagram fashion influencers and what I’ve learned from them.

Here are my 10 favorite fashion influencers of 2018:

[in no particular order]

1// @howdoyouwearthat

I’ve been following Caitlyn for a couple years, and I absolutely love everything about her style. She has inspired me to get creative with how I put pieces together; hence, my featured outfit today.  Also, her photos in seemingly random places have taught me to be brave when I want to get a good shot, not worrying about what those watching me may think. 

2// @tezza

I know Tezza would probably be on most people’s lists, but her eclectic photos inspire me to be more artistic. I also love how most of her shots are just “a day in the life” type shots instead of completely planned. (Her app is also amazeballs.) 

3// @jacimariesmith

I stumbled across Jaci’s account when I was also a red head and immediately felt a kinship. I love all the warm tones in her photos, and I’m inspired by her account to travel more often. 

4// @sararoseco

Sara has been a dear friend of mine since our freshman year of college, and I love watching her influence grow. She has a genuine and playful personality which shines through all of her content. The way she has triumphed the highs and lows of her businesses inspires me to stay on this journey. Also, check out her mecca of Disney fashion at @dressedindsiney; you won’t be disappointed!

5// @carolinereceveur

Caroline was one of the first influencers I followed after stumbling upon her content on Pinterest.  As a fellow woman with edgy tattoos, I immediately fell in love with her classic style. She inspired me to get my first long bob haircut, and it’s so cool that she’s a mom now! (She needed to pass on those beautiful genes.) 

6// @thestylebungalow

I was referred to this account by a friend because Stephanie and I both went to the same college in Palm Beach! While I didn’t know her personally, I feel very nostalgic looking through her posts and remembering my favorite parts of the island. I love her romantic and bold style; it makes me miss the way I dressed when I lived in South Florida! I have learned how to be more comfortable in front of the camera after reading through some of Stephanie’s posts and watching her short videos.

7// @tanyaburr

This is an influencer most people know from YouTube, but I found her on Pinterest as well! I regularly search to find outfit ideas from people who are a similar size to me (petite, yet curvy), and Tayna was a perfect source of inspiration. Her account has made me feel more comfortable with my body type, as she is absolutely beautiful, instead of wishing I was 5’10” and a size 2. 

8// @courtneeruthie

I love how raw Courtnee’s feed is! She is the epitome of street style that I aspire to be. She has taught me to step outside of my comfort zone with my style, and that a picture can be worth sharing even if it’s blurry or your hair is in your face.

9// @emily_luciano

I love how Emily combines elegance with unique pieces. Plus, the overall aesthetic of her account is absolutely gorgeous. I’m also realizes that most of these account my me want to live in NYC. Lol.

10// @thaissouzasantana

This is another account that I’ve been folllowing forever, and I love how simple Tha’s account is. She’s edgy, yet classic. She taught me that I don’t need an account full of perfect, professional pictures to have an influence. I also share a love of high-waisted jeans and band tees. 

Who are your favorite style influencers? Comment below!

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