INTJ Stereotypes

INTJ Stereotypes

INTJ’s are Cold!

We’ve all heard it before… INTJ’s are cold and heartless… but is that actually true?

I’m going to go with a big fat “No” here, mainly because I am one and I can say so.


So let’s first start with why this stereotype has SOME merit. INTJ’s have Ni and Te has their lead functions, so that means the most important thing to them is to make the main goal work in a logical efficient manner. That also means, there is little to no time for small talk. There is a lot to get done, a lot of potential wrong outcomes to control so they don’t happen, and a lot of forward motion to achieve.


It often seems as though the ability to find leisure in small talk is associated with “being friendly”. Get that misconception out of your head right now. INTJ’s are friendly people, and we are people who genuinely want to help and get things accomplished.


INTJ’s are always in their heads.

Ok while some of this is true, we again, have an extroverted thinking function. So while we build the things and their workings in our heads, they do in fact come out in reality for the sake of the people and situations around us.


If you have an INTJ who is always in the head and never get’s anything done in reality… they may not be an INTJ.


INTJ’s are sticklers for the facts.

Ok so, no not really. We actually disrespect sensory facts (and sensory things) all of the time. For us, Se (extroverted sensing) is way at the bottom of our function stack. I personally know that the “facts” often times aren’t actually facts, and many times can’t be trusted at all.


Guys, it wasn’t even that long ago that we were bleeding people dry as a “medical practice” for curing diseases. That was a “fact” at one point too.


What I can trust is my intuition, and the principals that I know exist and can lend themselves to the workings of many different things. I hate to say it, but my Ni is rarely wrong (unlike those silly facts lol).


Ready to dive a bit deeper into stereotype? I had the honor of interviewing Dave Powers, founder of Objective Personality on my YouTube channel. We discuss self-typing, typing others, memes, and more!  

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