Life Is A Game

Life Is A Game

About four years ago I found myself in a state of being deeply and profoundly content. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, I had accomplished some radically profound things, had grown my personal self to a relatively high standard of human, and had impacted my fellow humans in some deep and meaningful ways. It was at this point that I said to myself. Wow… I’m good. I could die tomorrow and literally not feel as though I missed out on anything. I have lived a rich and fulfilled life.

And I meant it to the core of my being, and still do.

But then I thought… well now what?

Well there is this unsurpassed sense of freedom comes when you reach this point in your life. Because nothing really matters anymore...but in the best possible way.

For me, nothing can take away those years that helped me reach fulfillment. They are there, done, and complete. Everything else from that point forward, is now just icing on my already awesome cake.

What does this mean for how I live? If you’re fully content, how are you motivated?

Well it means my motivation is no longer personal, since I’ve already won, failure is meaningless, because my ego is no longer dependent on it. Now, everything in life is literally all just a game. The game of “Why Not” sprinkled with the best of my human intentions. 

How I play the game:

What can I achieve?

Nothing is off the table. Like I said, I’ve already won, so any perceived failure is just a point of triangulation for my respawn and next attempt. Not having your self worth based on what you can or can’t accomplish gives you ultimate freedom to truly have the confidence to achieve whatever you want. 

How great of an impact can I make?

This is where I’m going to sound like a crazy INTJ but whatever there is no use fighting the stereotype at this point. It’s one thing to greatly impact some people, but what about greatly impacting many?  How can I leverage my mental and physical capacities to create the things I deem as important at scale for my world? Again, there is no failure, only triangulation. How can I scale my reach and help people live their best lives?

How finely attuned can I make my being?

We have this body, this mind, these natural abilities and shortcomings, all going through this human experience.


How radically can I use all of these resources to grow myself and really take advantage of the life and time I’ve been given? As I am now, I’m a great! I’m a wonderful and excellent human. I know and believe that. 

But it’s not about just being great, it’s about learning how to maximize your human entity because you only have access to do so for this very limited amount of time. Why not play the game, maximize your resources, and see what you can truly accomplish for yourself?

Like I said in the beginning. At this point, none of this matters to me, but all of it still matters. I have a strong vision for things I want to accomplish, people I want to impact, and ways in which to grow myself, and I have this VERY LIMITED TIME and just a wisp of life to do so. 

When your focus is no longer on the actualization of your own ego, you can start focusing on what matters in terms of the actualization of the world.

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