Your Mental State & Your Environment

Your Mental State & Your Environment

Common symptoms you may experience…in life:

  • Something is just making you feel agitated, but you don’t know what.

  • Recently you’ve been feeling low.

  • You’re not sure why, but you’ve just been on edge.

  • Your blood just feels like it’s been boiling.

  • General undefinable uneasiness.

Quick, take inventory of not only your present environment, but everything you’ve been taking into your environment since you’ve been experiencing the uncomfortable mental state.

Honey, get to work.

What does it mean to take inventory? Well, it means to think about every little thing currently coming in to your life. If you can’t be honest with yourself ask someone close for help. If you can’t remember, start to write your daily activities (all of them) down as they happen.

Where have you been spending your time? Where are you physically going throughout the day?

Who or what have you been listening to? People, songs, shows, etc.?

What have you been watching? What have you been taking in to your environment through your eyes?

What are you taking in to your body? What are you eating, drinking, and who or what are you allowing to physically interact with you?

What mental environment are you giving yourself? What are you allowing yourself to believe? What are you defining as true?

Start drawing some connections for yourself.

Often times people aren’t looking for the connection between their environment and their mental state when it comes to how they are perceiving a present moment. Now, while not all uncomfortable feelings can be attributed to something environmentally related, many in fact can.

When you start the practice of taking environmental inventories of your life, you will start to see some recurring patterns related to the things you wish to free yourself from. I remember being younger and being sensitive to these things, knowing they caused me unrest, but often feeling the need to “go with the tribe” in order to not stand out and be even more weird.

News flash: watching the Pet Cemetery at 12 years old didn’t serve me … or how I felt for the next 2 months when the lights went out.

In America, people watch hours and hours of '“entertainment”, some of which could seem more than innocent in every way. BUT STILL… is something off with how you’re feeling in your brain. Take inventory, there could be a correlation.

Sometimes people will tolerate verbal abuse, someone speaking negative words over you for the sake of a job or a relationship. Usually months or years down the line, the lightbulb comes on that the environment those words were creating was not conducive to a healthy mental state.

Get in the practice of taking inventory earlier… and avoid the tidalwave later.

You have control of your environment.

When you’ve found the connection of what’s been irking you, move.

Take control of your environment in that moment, whether it is physically moving or changing something, shifting your beliefs on a certain subject, or creating a plan to get out of the environment that is causing you harm.

Your environment is your responsibility.

Your environment (and your life) are completely 100% your responsibility. At the end of the day, you are the one accountable for the environments you allow yourself to take in. I know, we often have difficult situations we need to work though that sometimes have a less than desirable environment. Understand that that is temporal, and you have the ability to figure out a better option that works for you. Nothing is worth the sacrifice of your mental state long term. There is a better option, you just need to be creative enough to find it.

A few takeaways to remember:

  • Take inventory.

  • Draw connections.

  • You have bodily autonomy.

  • You have control of your space.

  • You can figure it out.

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