Why You’re Overthinking Veganism

Why You’re Overthinking Veganism

Vegan, simply put is taking advantage of opportunities and making choices that contribute 

the least to animal suffering. There is no such thing as a “perfect vegan” because we all walk down a sidewalk at some point and step on a bug. So get vegan = being perfect out of your head, because honestly “perfection” on any front is subjective and more or less unattainable. 


Vegans understand that their choices, even the smallest ones, have a large ripple effect. And we simply don’t want those ripples to contribute to the harm and suffering of animals.

To make it even simpler, every dollar you spend is a vote either for or against animal suffering. Where are you casting your votes?

1. Your Perspective Changes Everything

So let’s say you innately agree. You love animals, and when you think about it, you agree it’s kind of weird that we subject them to lifelong suffering for the 10 minutes it takes you to eat a burger.  

Ok great, but all of the food you’ll be missing out on, all of the options all of the…

Perspective change my friend! 

If tomorrow you got bit by that weird mosquito that makes you allergic to meat and dairy (it’s an actual real thing) and you no longer had the option to eat those things, what would you do?

Survive, and make the best out of what you had.

Once you close off your mind to the possibilities of what could be, you then gain the ability to be creative with the things you have. 

In all of the year’s I’ve been vegetarian and then vegan, I’ve never once felt like I was missing out on anything. That’s because I only allowed my brain to operate in the framework I created for it.

These are the foods/materials/goods you have to work with. Work with it. 

The power and potential in simplicity is truly astounding and I think is one of the keys that really unlocks creative flow. 

2. Substitution is Queen - Keep everything else the same. 

Ok so you have this amazing recipe that you could never live without. Chances are it has one or two meat items, a dairy item, maybe an egg, and the rest is plants (because what else is there). 

Create a staple list of foods you can easily swap into any recipe and just keep it the same. There is no need to reframe all of your cooking methods when you go vegan, just change a few ingredients.

Some foods I like to swap out for things:

  • Steak- Marinated Portobello Mushroom

  • Chicken - Potato or Green Jackfruit 

  • Pork - Green Jackfruit

  • Bacon - Smoke Marinated Mushrooms (sliced thin)

  • Egg - Flax or Chia egg

  • Milk - unflavored unseated Soy

  • Cheese - Violife or Miyokos (any flavor) 

To make it even easier, you can literally get Gardein substitutes for any of the items above. Also Beyond Meat for their burgers… my meat eating friends prefer them to an actual burger. 

To bring it back to conclusion, reframing is everything. Know your options and know those are the only things you have to work with, and then have fun with it! Try different spices, make a fun new sauce, use a potato in every dish, your possibilities are still endless, just work within your new set of constructs and you’ll be just fine.

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