Sensory Trash!

Sensory Trash!

Despite the title of this piece, I do have a deep appreciation for the sensory world that is our actual reality. At the end I’m going to talk a bit more about how I’ve tried to improve in several sensory areas.

When it comes to a person’s dominant functions, as an INTJ you are using Ni (introverted intuition) first, and have Se (extroverted sensing) on the bottom. This means that you are more connected with the IDEA of how something works, versus the reality of why it works. Now often we can give you a roundabout idea of why it probably works, but at the end of the day our knowledge of the sensory is coming behind the concept.

Many times, I don’t know the complete details of why something works, I just know that it does. 

A lot of this is pattern recognition and understanding how an overarching principle could be applied to a new pattern with seemingly similar truths, allowing it to fall under the same umbrella of the original concept or principle.

I understand how X works. Y and Z are new things, but they act and behave similar enough to X, so the X principle should be able to work here. 

So that means that even though I think I respect facts, and I do respect certain facts, on a daily basis I disrespect them more than I wish I did. I’ve been trying to get better at that, but it is and always will be a struggle.

Alright… enough fluff.., let’s talk some trash.

Some of the reasons the sensory trips me up: 

Your “facts” aren’t facts… for the most part.

Google “bloodletting” and how it was a legitimate treatment for illness for …. Wait for it…. over 2000 years. It was only in the 19th century that people started to challenge this “fact” as a cure for most diseases. George Washington woke up in 1799 with a sore throat, they bleed out 40% of his blood, and he died. Now to be fair bloodletting can actually be effective for very particular diseases and even used in some forms today in 2019. But those instances are rare and very secluded from the general idea of applying it to most illnesses.

Many people will call something a “fact” when it’s really just an assumed truth based on the knowledge at that period in time.


The Sensory is always shifting.

The present moment is constantly new. Things are not the same tomorrow as they are today.

Consider the factors of people’s medical histories, different body chemistries, there are so many variable sensory details that would need to be tracked 100% correctly all of the time to truly determine something as a legitimate “fact”. If you personally aren’t doing that, then you are just trusting someone else’s interpretations of facts, and so often things can be interpreted incorrectly. You will never see me holding on to one sensory fact as the premise for my understanding of a thing. It's the global understanding that leads to the facts being filled in.  

Our sensory understanding is limited to our technology. 

As we increase our abilities with technology, the sensory facts change... according to our understanding. For me, grounded principles hold more weight than the facts.


A lot of what people say is true, is subjectively what is true to them.

We translate all of the things we see and hear through the language of our own mind. That language interpretation is subjectivity. What you may translate as being true to you, may or may not be actually true in reality. In application, it may appear to be true to you, and it may not be to someone else.

Other inconvenient ways the sensory can shift...and play tricks on me.

Someone just opened a cabinet and it wasn’t opened before, and now I’ve hit my head on it.

I placed my keys on the top of the couch, but gravity took them deep into the seat cushion and how I can’t find them, even though I know I JUST PLACED THEM ON THE COUCH.


But to be honest I have more respect for the sensory world than ever before. It is absolutely imperative to for anything you wish to accomplish in life. I don't want to be a dreamer, I want to be a doer. 

Reasons intuitive people should love the sensory:

1. The sensory world is necessary for achieving anything in reality.  So you can either play the game or get played by it. 

2. Actioning things in the real world is how you put intuition to real use.

3. Vision requires motion. Motion happens IN THE SENSORY. 

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