VR: The Introverts Dream

VR: The Introverts Dream

I’m generally not someone to review tech because … well I’m not easily impressed. However, I had to take the time to outline why I absolutely believe that the Oculus Quest VR system is worthy of your time and dollars.

It’s actually amazing.

Let’s get a few things straight off the bat. I’m not a gamer, I’m a creative. I don’t look for entertainment, I look for vehicles to build my skills and and expand my understanding. Because of this, regular video games never appealed to me. But Virtual Reality, and in particular the Oculus Quest, I believe will be a major shift in how we learn and experience life.

The Basics


If you’ve tried other VR systems in the past, you know the drag of having a long extension chord tail trailing behind you. My first VR experience prior to the Quest, I didn’t mind the wires because I was so enthralled by the immersion. However the ease of maneuvering with the Oculus Quest couldn’t be easier. The headset and the controllers are all wireless.

Built In Sound

The sound is great with the built in system, and even better with headphones. If you like to get that full surround sound feeling I do suggest using a good pair of headphones to use with the system. Only downside to using headphones is the lack of an easy bluetooth connection option to the Quest so you will need to plug in.

Play Area

Old VR systems required you to map out a play area with sensors. I’m not going to explain it further, but basically with any VR you have to establish a digital plot so you don’t trip over a chair or walk through a closed door. With the Quest, you can establish this guardian fence in all of 30 seconds or less. Even better is the fact that the Quest remembers guardian areas so even if you play in multiple rooms, it will pull up the fence that you established the last time you were there.

Computer Free

The system is fully contained in the headset. No computer, playstation, or any other device required. This makes the Oculus Quest the most portable, and easy to use VR system currently available. When logging into the headset for the first time, you are taken through an incredibly well designed introductory immersion. Even if you have zero experience in VR or gaming platforms, you have absolutely nothing to fear.


There are plenty of offerings currently available with the Oculus Quest, and new options are coming out every day. From the games I’ve downloaded so far, these are my top 3 picks.


I hate airports. But… I would still love to see the Great Pyramid of Giza. What about tonight? With Wander, you can explore the world solo, or enjoy multi player options making for the perfect group outing or date night. Wow, what an age to be an introvert! Your experience will take you to the ground and let you explore everyplace that google has taken their 360 camera (which is basically everywhere).

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is an OG app in the VR world, but it is hands down my favorite. Having the ability to create the things I see inside of my head in a 3D reality feels like what my brain has always wanted to do. Everything about it feels “right”. Though the tools within Tilt Brush are limited compared to professional design programs, you still have everything you need to create a world around you exactly as you see it in your mind. Even better is the ability to export your creations to Google Poly so other people can view them or you can use them in other ways.

Beat Saber

Your daily serving of cardio. Beat Saber is a longtime favorite of the VR community and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. With Beat saber you will be busting blocks to music while simultaneously busting your shoulders and forearms. It’s fun, you’re up and moving, and each level is challenging in ways you weren’t expecting.

The Future

So what do I hope to see in the future for the Oculus Quest and other VR systems? The expansion of creative programs, especially technical ones.

An adobe 3D animation video editor where digital VR elements could be rendered and incorporated into 360 VR video would be high, if not first on my list.

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