Secret Investment Tip for 2020

Secret Investment Tip for 2020

Alright everyone, I’m going to share with you literally the #1 investment secret for 2020… Gather your nickels because it’s going to require some significant change.

Just so we’re clear, this investment isn’t going to require physical dollars so ANYONE can take part. Also it should be noted that its value is far greater than hundred dollar bills.

What is the most valuable resource? It is your TIME! 

So I’ve talked about productivity and efficiency before, but today I’m going to talk to you about investing in your dream. 

So for the majority of my life, I’ve been very careful with the efficiency of my time. However most of that time was going into building the visions of others. Now some of that is just part of the learning and growing process, and it’s EXCEPTIONALLY good training. I learned a lot from working for others and building their empires while still having my personal goals and long tracks in place. However at some point I realized that I was investing the majority of my value into the dreams of others that I had little to no metaphorical or physical equity in. 

Now this may be the case for you, or perhaps you’re someone who isn’t investing their time into others but are personally throwing your time away into things that give little to no longstanding reward. If the latter is you, please reference my video Weekly Planning Hacks.

Your time is an investment opportunity! Where are you spending it?

So let’s talk about building your dream! 

Chances are you probably fall in one of two categories.

  1. I don’t know what my big dream is yet. Or …

  2. I have a dream that is so big that it feels totally unattainable.

Either circumstance is fine. But let’s hit the first category first

  1. Developing the Dream

Sometimes great dreams take significant time to be developed. There is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes it’s ideal because if you are young, it allows you to weigh what’s really important to you. It also allows for you to do some market research and figure out how your dream will come into play now and in the future. Taking time in the development phase can help not only determine its worth to you, but it’s worth to the world… which may also influence it’s worth to you. 

If you are in the dream development phase the most critical investment of your time will be from these two things.

  1. Processing personal value and reason. Constantly weighing and checking what is most important to you and why it is or isn’t important. Adopting new skills or understandings that you can leverage to further determine the value and nature of a principle and how it could apply to your life. If you dream isn’t important to you on a personal level… why should it be important to anyone else?

  2. Objectively assessing your points of growth and working the heck out of them. What if your dream ends up being the opening of a contracting business for fully sustainable smart homes in the Caribbean…. But you can’t keep your dishes from piling up in the sink or your paperwork straight for tax season is always messed up. Find what you suck at and become the best at it, then later when you are working on your real dream, those things won’t be the ones that bring you down turning your dream into a disaster.

The Dream is Overwhelming

Ok so let’s say you got the dream. Maybe it’s starting a business or maybe it’s just starting a YouTube channel. 

Quick side note on starting a YouTube channel. The skills you will build learning how to speak on and develop a message for either entertainment value or intellectual value while simultaneously building an audience is an incredibly amazing use of your time. 

But sometimes those things no matter how big or small just seem so overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start, or it feels too overwhelming to start AT ALL.

A mentor of mine told me that if a goal seems too overwhelming to get started on, you need to make smaller goals. If those are too overwhelming, go smaller. 

So for the established dreamers the #1 investment area is in ticking off small goals that lead you to your big goal, every single week. Yes, EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

The future you deserves that time and who are you to take it away from you? This is your dream we are talking about! 

Not sure how to do something? Talk to someone who does! Ask the internet! Heck ask me, I will do my absolute best to help you. 

I want to see you build something absolutely incredible for yourself. 

You can email me at

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