A Warning to Intuitives

A Warning to Intuitives

Dear Intuitives,

I have something to say to you as it relates to respecting the sensory, and it is a very simple and clear message. 

Let's be straight forward from the start. People with Ni as a dominant function (and oftentimes Ne as well) are really good at seeing the writing on the wall. Ni saviors (INTJs and INFJs) in particular are naturally masterful at pattern recognition and seeing the relationships between various patterns. It’s what gives us the whole “ESP” vibe and stereotype. 

Now let's talk about how intuitive types (like myself) leverage this ability of their Ni function very poorly. 

We are really good at seeing the writing on the wall ... and doing absolutely nothing about it. 

Often what we will do is recognize a pattern, and defer the responsibility of dealing with the sensory to someone else. 

What does that look like? It looks like telling someone what you know is probably going to happen, or a pattern that you are clearly seeing, and then expecting them to actually DO SOMETHING with that information. 

The sensory to us is too uncomfortable. 

“Geez I just naturally did the hard work of showing you  this very important thing, now you deal with it.”

So why is this not enough? Why should we strive to actually respect the sensory to an extent where we move according to our own intuition? Why is it not enough for you to simply just say something? 

Your answer - because you are the only one that can see your own Ni.

This is your function, and if you can see a pattern that is actually in process, and it is serious enough to address, it is your responsibility to deal with in the sensory because nobody else (and I repeat, NOBODY ELSE) can see it in actuality like you can. 

In my last video I talked about how I don’t say “I told you so” about things, simply because if I did it would be horribly obnoxious and superfluous. 

People often times won’t listen to our Ni wisdom because THEY can not see it. And do you know what? We should expect that, it is a pattern unto itself. Their strengths are in other areas, and they simply can’t respect or see the pattern the same way that we can. 

So what’s my call to action for you today?

If you see something in your Ni vision that is actually bad, could cause somebody harm, or you can just simply see something turning out poorly, don’t just say something, do something, and DON’T expect someone else to do it for you. Yes I know, the sensory is weird and often uncomfortable, but all of your functions are your responsibility. Even the ones you suck at. 

INTJs and INFJs sorry but you suck at Se. But the good news is, there is room for all of us to get better. 

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