INTJ | My Strange Addiction: Self Growth

INTJ | My Strange Addiction: Self Growth

No matter what your personality type is, we are all mildly obsessed with SOMETHING.

For me, I have and have always had this strange addiction to self growth. When I was younger, the process was a lot slower because it took longer to really define these areas (mainly because as children we are less self reliant and thus able to deflect responsibility and weaknesses to people who are older). However as I got older it almost became a sport to recognize my weaknesses and fervently attack them; all because of one main reason…


The areas in which you need to grow will either make you or break you in the future. Sometimes it’s easy to predict where your shortcomings might be in a process especially if you know what your goal is. Your stack of cognitive functions can really help with this too. Other times you’ll encounter a situation where you walk right into something where a necessary skill or understanding could have made your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

I like positioning my skills so that I can make my life as easy and efficient as possible for all possible scenarios in the future. I remember in high school calling myself the “laziest non lazy person”. What did I mean by that? Well I developed systems for my own life that took some extra effort up front but then allowed me to cruise expending way less energy moving forward.

To say it simply, I want to be passable in all of the most important things that will make achieving anything in my life as easy as possible.

Note that I said the “MOST IMPORTANT THINGS”. One thing I’m certainly not doing is acquiring lots of different skills just for the sake of having them. I want to be good at the most meaningful things, that when applied, cover the widest spectrum of use. Again, I want to be doing the least amount of work.

So what does this look like?

Imagine you have all of these blocks that represent skills and understandings in your life.


All of a sudden, a thing comes up, and you need to apply these principles to it so that you can do the thing!


Great! So everything seems to be running along smoothly until…you reach a block with a missing skill set on it! Uh oh, this would be so much easier if I had the skillset of doing this thing!

This is pretty important in my eyes, and I can clearly see where this will come up again. Time to make myself a better person and figure out how to do it better!


Sometimes figuring out how to grow in that specific area or learn how to do that type of thing is quick and easy, but sometimes learning and growing in that area takes months or steady progress over years.


I much rather be growing in this area so that I can manage all future situations with a higher level of proficiency and ease instead of having to find a work-around to pull it off and inevitably work harder.


Ahh.. and when the block is fixed, all peace is restored within my INTJ kingdom.

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